Keep Calm And Carry On

10/02/2013 04:12:00 AM

Couple of times I have pledged such as learning new languages, playing music instruments and updating blogs at least once a week but they seemed to be of no avail!Well,this time it is going to be completely different ( there he goes again) as I am motivated and have a burning desire to brush my english language as well as taking up French course in order to broaden my knowledge and being able to communicate with more diverse of people!I think that being assigned to attend english classes is a good thing as I will be getting a Scottish tutor! Perhaps that 2 hours session per week may be quite long due to my compact undergraduate course's schedule. Nonetheless, I promise to my self that I will try as hard as I can to improve my command of English into a whole new level so that I can produce better academic essays as well as blog post for you guys,the readers! For the time being I will learn at least a new word a day whether by reading journals,newspaper or even though the net itself!Basically that's all for today, activating nerd mode now.Till then au revoir! :)

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