A Trip To Malacca!

8/07/2014 11:14:00 PM

The Stadhuys
Jonker Walk Night Market
Hello friends! Roughly about two weeks ago, my friends and I decided that we should plan a mini reunion as well as a trip together since we have not met one another for almost a year! Hence, after long discussions and negotiations amongst ourselves, we managed to plan a three days two nights vacation at Malacca! As smart as we can possibly be (pun intended), the date of the trip was on Eid Mubarak day. Having said that, we have already prepared ourself (both mentally and physically) to endure the never-ending terrible traffic and squeezing through the crowds in the night market before departing from our homes. It is no doubt that Malacca would be flooded by hundreds of tourists, if not more, be it locals or foreigners during this festive season as most of the people are having holidays. Nonetheless, the dates were chose for most of us would only be free during these period due to different academic calendars set by various universities. On the day of the trip, we gathered at the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) bus station which was located at Bandar Tasik Selatan. The cost of the trip to Malacca from the there was RM13.60. Normally, it would only take an hour and a half to reach the destination. Due to congestion, we ended up reaching Malacca two hours later in the noon.

 When we arrived there safely, the first thing that we did was to search frantically for accommodation for our second night because we only booked for hotel for the first night! While several of us searching for accommodation, the rest were helping out to call for taxi since our accommodation was few kilometres away. After series of heated discussion and frustration, we ended up taking the public transport since the taxi driver could not locate us! From my point of view, the state government needs to increase the amount of bus available for the passengers for we see a huge crowd of people gathered at the bus stop waiting for the bus! We boarded the Panorama Melaka and headed to Jonker Walk which cost us RM 1.50. Upon reaching the place, we walked for approximately half an hour (thanks to the GPS, making us touring around) along with our heavy luggages to D'Hotel. The room with king-size bed was RM168 per night. We rented three rooms for nine of us cramming in. During the night, we explored the eminent Jonker Walk, where there were lots of stalls and shops for us to venture, not to forget some visibly 9584915198481 #notexaggerating other tourists who held the same intention.
The Crowd!
Durian puffs!
We managed to track some bicycle shops in order to rent some since we did not have any transportation with us. In addition, we got to taste various local delicacies such as the kuih-muih and herbal tea. While some of us return to the hotel to get some rest, several of us continue to walk around to hunt for accommodation for the second night. Finally, we got some deal from this generous and kind uncle who owns a guest house, which is beside Harmony Guest House where we were charged for RM30 per person.
The Bar
For a clearer information, there's a mini bar opposite the guest house. Although the facade seemed dull, yet when we entered the house, it was cosy. With a relief mode, we went back to our hotel and get some sleep!
80's coffeeshop
Popiah stall
Popiah with lard #yums
Kuey Teow soup with Yong Tau Foo
For the second day of our trip, we went to this small coffee shop to have our breakfast before checking out from the hotel. I have to admit that the Kolomee and kuey teow soup in Malacca was quite scrumptious. The noodles were chewy the taste was just right. Then, we went to the guest house and placed our luggages in our room before heading out for more adventure! First, we went to rent some bicycle which cost us RM10 per bicycle for 24 hours.
Bikini Toppings

Also, we got to enjoy the popular coconut shake in Malacca at this shop called Bikini Toppings.

Mr X Escape Room was our next destination after we finished savouring our drinks. We spent some time finding the shop as we were barely familiar to the place. Cycling around searching for the shop was quite a daunting task for us due to the scorching sun and humid environment which cause us to perspire at ridiculous rate. However, we got to find the shop in the end and played some puzzle game where we were chained and got to solve some questions in order to free ourselves. We spent RM18 per person (instead of RM35 as we bought a discounted deals on Groupon Malaysia) for an hour of the game. While some of us thought that the game was fun, those who got chained from the start of the game till the end did not have the same thought! ( Fortunately I was freed in the middle of the game, so I get to involve myself in solving the puzzles #lucky) .
Chocolate shop
Nadeje's Crepe. Courtesy of gomelaka.com
Exhausted and hungry, we went to Mahkota Parade which was few kilometres away to have our dinner. When we reached there, we walked around the mall and decided to have KFC as our dinner in order to save the budget. To my chagrin, I missed the opportunity to try the famous Nadeje crepe which was just a few blocks away from KFC since it was closed when I visited the place. Then we headed back to Jonker Walk and visited few stalls before ending our second night.
Fried vermicelli and chee cheong fun
On our third day, we woke up early in the morning as our bus would depart by 10.30 in the morning. Initially I had in my mind that we would at least try the most-recommended food of all in Malacaa- THE CHICKEN RICE! The chicken rice here is absurdly famous (probably overrated) for its unique presentation of the rice, which is compacted into ball shape. I was so surprised that the queue was a mile long even when it's only 8.30 in the morning! Disappointedly, I opted for other food before going back to my hometown. Overall, the trip was really really enjoyable and it did allow most of us to reconnect after not seeing one another for some time. On that note, I am going to end this post. Till then, au revoir!

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