How The Sun Sees You

8/23/2014 08:34:00 PM

As we all know, Ultraviolet or simply UV light increase the process of ageing of our skin. Furthermore, UV rays emitted from the sun is also one of the main culprit that elevate the risk of getting skin cancer. The YouTube video below demonstrates how our skin looked under UV rays. Through the rays, we are able to foresee our future skin condition which is invisible by our naked eyes. While healthy skin is easy to spot as their faces do not have any changes or with even skin tone , those with less healthy skin will have freckle-liked spots shown on their faces. Glasses and sunscreen or sunblock appears dark as they block UV rays. Hence, we are strongly advised to apply sunscreen whenever we are going out in order to preserve our healthy skin. Enjoy the video below. Fell free to leave your comments and thoughts. Till then, au revoir! 

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