Mother's Love

8/16/2014 03:38:00 AM

Through YouTube, I saw a heart-wrenching short film which has been viewed for nearly 3 million times. Based on a true story, this video portrays a mother's unconditional love for her children. Zhang Yu Lian (张雨连), is an old woman living in the suburban area. One day, she called her daughter, who lived in the city, and found out that she was feeling under the weather. She recalled that she would cook chicken soup for her beloved daughter every time when her daughter fell sick since she was little. All she wanted to do was to cook a meal for her daughter. Mustering all her courage, she travelled to the city alone in order to meet her daughter. She had travelled for hours in various terrains; be it braving through the river, walking across two hills or even sitting in a bus for 36 hours long of journey. She even lost her daughter's address during the journey. However, she remained brave and determined to reach her daughter's house in the face of adversity. Finally, with the help of a policeman, she was able to find her daughter. One month after her daughter's recovery, the daughter went back to her home town to visit her mother only to find out that her mother was almost blind due to cataract on one of her eyes while having serious presbyopia on the other. Zhang Yu Lian remained silent for she feared that it would cost a lot of money to cure her eyes. Both of them hugged each other with tears flowing across their cheeks. I feel that this short film is so meaningful and it is indeed a wake up call for us to be filial to our parents for their sacrifices are massive and they loved us unconditionally. Enjoy the video below. What are your thoughts and opinions about this video? Share them in the comment box below. Till then, au revoir! :)

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