Sleep Guide

8/10/2014 12:57:00 AM

Generally, most of us have this idea that sleeping is only necessary for children. Even when I was a child, I thought that sleeping is the worst activity of all. Not only it deters me from enjoying myself, it also takes away my time where I could do other much-beneficial activities. However, as I grow older, the amount of my sleeping time gets lesser and lesser due to loads of various reasons, where loads of works and assignments being one #notreally. Only then I begin to embrace my sleeping time whenever I get to have it. From the infographic above, I realise the importance of adequate sleep and the downside of sleep deprivation. It also educates me on the amount of sleep that I actually need according to my age. I genuinely hope that the infographic is able to act as a wake up call for you guys to get enough sleep and a higher quality of sleep! On that note, I am going to end this post. Till then, au revoir!

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