DÔME Café at Johor Premium Outlet Malaysia

10/26/2014 04:57:00 AM

Dome Cafe
Several days ago, my friends and I went to visit the Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) Malaysia. It was apparently an out of the blue decision #yolo when one of my friends decided  to look for a Burberry watch (there is a Burberry store at the JPO) after we had our dinner. Despite being late night, there were visibly lots of cars heading to the same place as us. After browsing through several shops, we ended up at  DÔME Café, which is located at the left side of the first entrance. Originated from Perth, Australia, DÔME Café was founded by Patria Jaffries and Phil May back in 1993. Currently ,there are 18 outlets in Malaysia, ranging from Pulau Pinang (Penang) to Johor. In fact, the Dome cafe in JPO is the only branch available in Johor.

The cafe provides classic and elegant ambience, decorated with oakwood and chestnuts paraphernalia.The place has an warm inviting feeling, where cosy seats were provided in the cafe.

Orange Pekoe RM10.50
We ordered orange pekoe, mocha and scones as our supper before we left JPO. I though that the orange pekoe tea would taste like any other tea available in the market. Surprisingly, the aromatic tea tasted amazing with a thin scent of orange upon swallowing down my throat.

Mocha RM14.00
The presentation of the mocha was a little too 'atas' #highclass when we saw the waiter holding the the hot mocha glass with a zarf ( fancy metal sleeve). On tasting, the mocha was just average as my friend commented that it was too bland and would taste better if there were a lot more sprinkles of chocolate powder on it.

Heavenly Scone RM9.00
The 'heavenly scones' soon arrived on a platter along with cream and raspberry jam. The scones was not too hard and crispy enough. The cream as well as raspberry jam were not too sweet and blends in well with the English scones. Till then, au revoir! :)

Name : Dome Cafe at Johor Premium Outlet
Business hours: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm
For more information, visit www.domecafe.com.my

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