Kluang Rail Coffee Shop

11/10/2014 03:55:00 AM

Kluang Railway Station!
Kluang Rail Coffee kopitiam (at the left edge of the building)
After hiking Mount Lambak which was near Kluang town, my friends and I took the opportunity to visit the famous 'Kluang Rail Coffee' kopitiam (coffee shop) which was located beside the Kluang Railway Station around 10.30 in the morning. The smell of the aromatic coffee wafted out from the kopitiam before we walked to the open space As you can see in the pictures, the crowd was massive and people kept coming at a point where there were no vacant seats available and all we could do were to stand and wait for them to finish their food and leave!

We finally found our seats after waiting for 15 minutes. Upon settling down, we called the waiter and started ordering FOOD! Although it was just merely 1030, most of the food were SOLD OUT and we could only order Roti Bun. I was informed by my cousin that Kluang Railway kopitiam serves the best nasi lemak! But I did not get to try it #sad. Apparently, the food and beverages were quite cheap, to think that it would be nearly impossible to get it in the city area! Most of us ordered Roti Bun (butter and kaya), half-boiled telur kampung with either iced tea or coffee. I have to admit that the roti buns were simply delectable! Crispy texture of bun's skin paired perfectly well with soft bun inside which were spread with creamy butter and not-too-sweat kaya. The iced tea tasted just right and my friend who ordered coffee fell in love with it as he claimed that the taste of the coffee was so rich as if they had added few scoops of coffee powder in it. #iamnotafanofcoffee .For more information, visit kluangrailcoffee.com.my .Till then, au revoir! :)

Teh C Ais - RM1.70
Roti Bun (butter and kaya) - RM1.50

Telur Kampung - RM1.00/egg

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