Headmost Cafe by Just Want Coffee

1/14/2015 09:43:00 AM

Image via Just Want Coffee's facebook page
Lately, the western cafes are vividly mushrooming in town. In total so far, this is the third branch of Just Want Coffee that I have visited in Johor. Headmost Cafe by Just Want Coffee, is located at Taman Pelangi, Johor. What I like the most about Just Want Coffee is the cosy environment that they portray at their shops. The thing that separates Headmost from other branches of Just Want Coffee cafes is that they integrate both cafe and boutique together!

First floor
Second floor
The first floor is the cafe while the second floor happens to be Headmost boutique, an US's brand of casual men's clothing which is eminent for their jockey caps (I guess so because your jaws will definitely drop when you see the prices of the clothings there #bewarned #handlewithcare). The main reason my friends and I visited the cafe is to try the signature premium honey toast which is ONLY AVAILABLE at this branch of Just Want Coffee! Out of few choices in the menu, we picked the strawberry toast. After waiting for somewhat 30 minutes, the waiter finally served us the massive square-shaped toast right before our eyes.

Strawberry Flavour Premium Honey Toast RM22.90
The toast is actually a hollow square bread filled with layers of breadsticks and topped with strawberry ice cream, cream, fresh strawberries, strawberry-coated biscuits and an oreo. It was so gorgeously presented, that we hardly want to destroy it like a caveman!

The breadsticks were crunchy and dipping it with the strawberry jams, cream and ice cream that were provided was simply incredible!

Rose Latte RM11.90
Overall, it is definitely worth trying out the toast and the cafe as well. Beautifully decorated and nice service by the waiters. Awesome decorations. Till then au revoir!

For more information, visit Headmost Cafe by Just Want Coffee facebook page

Headmost Cafe (by Just Want Coffee)
SunCity (Plaza Matahari), 
G07, Jalan Kuning,
Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

Operating Days: Sunday to Saturday
Operating Hours: 
12.00 noon - 12.00 midnight ( Sunday to Thursday)
12.00 noon - 12.00 midnight ( Friday to Monday)

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