Fourth Year Begins

9/15/2016 04:30:00 AM

Time passes by really fast and here I am, back in hostel and started my fourth year of medical school two weeks ago. Everything is still pretty chaotic at the moment and it is heart breaking to realise that there are couple of the familiar faces not appearing in the lecture theatre for they have not made it this far. While some have decided to repeat the year, several of them drop out from the course and venture into different fields (perhaps). I would have to admit that for the past two weeks the schedule was really packed and dull; we literally have to attend lectures from 9 in the morning till 4.30 in the evening with an hour break in between. The topics covered are somewhat similar with the ones I learn during second year.

However, we will need to explore those topics in-depth and discuss about the minute details that go along with them. All in all, I think that it is still manageable but I am just pretty worn out both physically and mentally as I have enjoyed my summer break without revising a single thing. That definitely makes my mind a little rusty. Also, I have been annoyed by this sudden back pain which has been occurring since a week ago. Well, it is more a like a soreness initially but for the pass few days I feel a sharp pain whenever I try to bend forward. Hopefully it is just a mechanical back pain and nothing serious is going on. I believe everything will be all right. Thank you for sticking till this far and do let me know how's your day in the comment box below! Till then, au revoir.

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