Germany Defeats Brazil, 7-1

7/08/2014 10:35:00 PM

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Noticing that their best player Neymar Jr is absent in the titanic battle between Brazil and Germany in 2014 FIFA World Cup, I cannot help but realising that the chances of Brazilian team winning is undeniably slim, in fact close to zero. It may sound biased since my favourite team is none other than Germany but my omen was right after all. Well  it's beyond disastrous for team Brazil with a result of 1-7 against team Germany. I believe that this is the worst defeat ever in Brazil's football match history. Brazil seemed to be totally defenceless against Germany's players. Toni Kroos and Andre Schurrle both scored two goals while Miroslave Klose, Thomas Muller and Sami Khedira scored single goal for their country. Miroslave Klose broke his record of him sharing with Ronaldo by making his 16th goals in his FIFA career. Being disappointed, most of the Brazilian fans left the stadium when after the half time of the match! #saddayforbrazil Brazilians have to hope that their team will do their best in their upcoming semi-final match with the defeated team between Netherlands vs Argentina! Anyway, I am so excited for Germany #teamgermany! May the odds be in their favour and wins 2014 FIFA World Cup! Go GERMANY! Till then, au revoir!

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