7/04/2014 09:14:00 PM

Recently I have spent some time on this singing site, www.karaokeparty.com , a free online karaoke, practice singing and challenge friends. I first discovered this awesome website in youtube, where shane dawson tried it and sang few songs hilariously! In my opinion, karaoke party is a great place for me to enhance my singing skills, not to mention familiarise myself with the lyrics of the songs that I like. In order to enjoy the site, you will just to need to sign up FOR FREE and be able to start showing your singing skills!While most of the songs are accessible, some of them will only be offered for those who 'purchased star'. Currently , karaoke party provides three languages only, which are English, Svenska and Suomi. Besides, other than having the option to sing alone, you can also choose battle mode where you compete with other singers in karaokeparty to determine who has the highest scores. Othat than that, you can also chat with other singers, not to mention listening to their shared recorded songs sang by themselves! In solo mode, you can either sing along with vocals (easy) or instruments only (hard). In addition, you can also choose to record your voice and playback after you have finished singing to listen to your own voice #awkward! On that note, I am going to end this post and let you guys enjoy the website. Till then , au revoir!

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