Maleficent 2014

7/12/2014 11:40:00 AM

Maleficent depicts the story of a vengeful fairy who cast a curse on a princess, only to realise that the princess was the one she loved so much that she would do anything to save her life.In my humble opinion, Angelina Jolie is the ideal person for the role as Maleficent. Armed with years of experiences, she was able to portray Maleficent's character perfectly in every ways. The chaos started when Stefan, the man that she loved, cut off her wings in order to achieve his dream of ruling his country. Since that incident, Maleficent turned from a kind and generous to vengeful fairy. Some time later, when she received the news of King Stefan hosting a christening for her daughter, Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) , she cursed her that on her sixteenth birthday, Princess Aurora would prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel whihc wouldcause her to fall into a death-like sleep. However, the curse could be broken by a true love's kiss. In the end, I was pulling my friend's leg, telling her that probably Princess Aurora's true love was Maleficent! YEAP, the ending is similar as Frozen, Maleficent's kiss broke the spell on Princess Aurora. I am quite surprised that Disney is now diverting away from prince-and-princess-getting-together-and-living-happily-ever-after ending. I personally think that that is a good move to highlight affections between family members amongst current young generation. Anyway, it is still a happy ending story with Princess Aurora living together with her fairy god-mother, Maleficent! On that note, I will end this post. Enjoy the trailer below! Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below. Till then, au revoir! :)

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