Melody Chen YongXin of The Voice Of China Season 3

7/25/2014 07:56:00 AM

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur! Having said that, I am currently on vacation at KL visiting my secondary school friends since I am having pretty long summer break holiday! In addition, we are heading to Melaka tomorrow as all of us are having Hari Raya holidays. Well, since I am free now, I decide to spend my time writing post to fill my inactivity for the past few days. #myapology . Anyway, I was busy updating myself by watching a series of YouTube videos which I could not do back in home due to slow internet connection. While I was busy watching 中國好聲音 aka The Voice of China Season 3, a Chinese reality talent show which is popular amongst the mandarin speaking society, I saw this impressively sweet 21 year old girl from Malaysia having her audition. She is none other than Melody aka Chen Yongxin. She sang Wang Lee Hom's '你不知道的事' on stage and captured the attention of  all of the judges; Na Ying, Wang Feng. Yang Kun and Chiyi Chen. Her graceful voice deeply touched every audience's as well as judge's heart. In my humble opinion. she does have an impressive voice and an angelic face with big brown eyes #faints .I am positive that she will go far in this third season of The Voice Of China. Undoubtedly, she has indeed make all the Malaysian proud of her achievement! May the odds be in her favour in this singing competition! As Malaysian , I am definitely hoping that Melody will emerge as the winner of the third season of The Voice of China! Enjoy the video below! Till then. au revoir!

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