My Experience With Photobook Malaysia Part 1

7/01/2014 09:49:00 AM

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Photobook Malaysia is a site which enables you to create your own photobook  (obviously since it's name is photobook #lame), personalised cards, editing photos and the likes. It does not only provide its service in Malaysia, but also several other countries including Europe, Middle East, North and South America and so forth. Several weeks ago, I managed to purchase a $15 worth of 25 pieces 4R photos with gloss finished via for $0.00 ! NO, it's not typing error and YES you see it right! $0.00 for a $15.00 worth of photos. Similar like most paranoids, I was quite hesitant to believe such ridiculous offer. Well who don't?! Who would ever want to make a deal which would cause no profit but total loss? You can certainly find one here. My best guess was that Photobook Malaysia was trying to promote its site as well as service to the society out here. After purchasing the deal, I read the terms and conditions written below with the smallest size ever which was normal since terms and condition were always written in such small size. It's a norm guys. Aha! It was written that shipping cost was NOT included with the deal. That means I would have to fork out $8 from my wallet in order to use the voucher. SEE, I TOLD YOU THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD!

Anyways, I proceeded to Photobook Malaysia to use the voucher since I was going to print some photos even if I did not know about this deal. Besides, it was quite worth it to think that the 4R photo only costs $0.30 per piece, where I believed that I would not find such offer in any store.  Trying the photobook design application online was such a pain in the neck task for me. Brilliant as I was (pun intended), I explored the apps without reading the instructions and guidelines in the first place.Eventually I wasted two days to figure out the functions of the apps and I was finally able to complete upload and edit all 25 photos. As soon as I finished reviewing all the photos this afternoon, I proceeded by ordering it. After filling in required details, I was stuck at the billing section! I realised that in the end I have to pay a total sum of $23.00! I was speechless and closed the ordering page. Furiously, I scanned through the whole page to find the contact number and addressed this problem to the customer service support.

 Being as friendly as I could (at that time), I seek help from the staff via chat and he was helpful enough to solve my problem! The solution that he told me made me a little bit of embarrassed as I should just click next to insert my voucher number to redeem it so that $15.00 would be deducted from the total amount that I was required to pay! #howlameright #facepalm. So after all the confusions and setback, I have finally made the payment and currently I am waiting for my orders to arrive! Half of my day was spent doing these stuffs so I am crossing my finger, hoping that I will receive great photos from Photobook Malaysia! Till then, au revoir! :)
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