My Experience With Photobook Malaysia Part 2

8/04/2014 07:38:00 AM

Hello friends! I have actually received the pictures that I have ordered weeks ago. It was approximately two days after I posted 'My Experience With Photobook Malaysia Part 1'. All of the 25 pictures were received in good condition from the deliverymen. However, upon inspection, I was disappointed as five out of 25 pictures were either cropped by the edges or added with different frames! Furiously, I sent an e-mail to the company, addressing my dissatisfaction and hoping that the Photobook Malaysia would compensate by printing new set of those faulty photos. Right after one week, I received a response from the company stating that they would address this matter to the management. I was somewhat relieved that the company actually replied my e-mail, as I had in my mind that they would ignore me initially. After that, the waiting part began again, testing my patience each day. At some point, I could not bear any more and plan to reply them, probing for the progress of the compensation! Nonetheless, I did not do it at last for I thought that it would be an useless attempt. After an eternity (over half a month), I received yet again another e-mail from the company. Gleefully, I found out that a new set of photos was being delivered to my house! Two days later, the new set of photos was safely received by my parents! Overall, I am delighted by the assistance of the support team of the company. Thank you Photobook Malaysia! My faith on on-line shopping has definitely been restored from this experience.

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