Bad Experience At Dominos Pizza Sitiawan

9/17/2014 09:13:00 PM

Few days ago I saw this Dominos Pizza MegaWeek Campaign on its official Dominos Pizza Malaysia facebook page. I could not believe my eyes as the promotions were suicidal moves #exaggerated. On the MegaWeek Campaign from September 8 till September 16, three options of discounts were given, namely;

  • 2 Regular Pizzas @ RM24.80 [CODE: HOM1]
  • 2 Large Pizzas @ RM34.80 [CODE: HOM2]
  • 2 Extra Large Pizzas @ RM44.80 [CODE: HOM3]

How could they even get profits from such discounts? Hence, being as Asian as I could, I called Dominos Pizza to enquire further details regarding the listed promotions. The worker who received my call was helpful and friendly enough to inform me that no vouchers were required, it was available for dine-in or take-away and the offer was available at every branch of Domino Pizza. Brimming with excitement, I planned my visit to Dominos Pizza Sitiawan on the next day. When I was at the pizzeria, getting ready to order the second promotion ( 2 Large Pizzas @ RM34.80), the worker uttered something that I had long predicted even before I took a step into the pizzeria.

"Sorry, the promotion is no good here as Sitiawan's Dominos Pizza does not take part in the campaign. If you would like to have such deals,  the nearest branch will be at Teluk Intan." - Sitiawan's Dominos Pizza

Filled with disappointment, I ordered other available deal, which was 2 Regular Pizzas @ RM30 instead. At that moment, I felt that my trust was being abused by Dominos Pizza Malaysia. Adding salt to the wound, this is my first ever visit to the branch since my family and I were frequent customers at other fast food stores (hint #PizzaHut)! Well, this sour experience would definitely affect the way I look at the deals and promotions made by Dominos Pizza Malaysia in future. #BlacklistedDominosPizzaSitiawan .Till then, au revoir! :)

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