Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

9/07/2014 09:51:00 PM

Happy mid-autumn/ mooncake festival guys! Here comes the day where families would gather and spending precious moments with one another. Today is actually August 15 (八月十五) on lunar calendar. In addition, the full moon will also appear during the night. In tradition, people would consume mooncake and drink hot tea while enjoying the bright moonlight and interact with friends and family members.

Talking about mooncakes, there are various kind of mooncakes in the market. My favourite ones are jelly mooncakes and snow skin mooncakes #dribble . On tat note, I am going to end this post and enjoy my mooncake! Till then,au revoir!

PS: I went to Pulau Pangkor yesterday.Hence I didn't manage to write a post! Stay tune to ready adventure in Pulau Pangkor, Perak!

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