Oculus (2014)

9/20/2014 02:44:00 PM

Oculus is a 2014 American supernatural horror movie directed by Mike Flanagan. The movie stars Karen Gillan as Kailey Russell, a young woman trying to exonerate her little bother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was actually done by a supernatural phenomenon. The little brother, Tim Russell (Brenton Thwaites) was charged for killing Andy Russell (Rory Cochrane), his own father at the age of 10. Kailey, however, was convinced that an antique mirror that was bought by her father when they first moved to the new home was responsible for all the misfortunes and deaths that her family has suffered. When Tim was finally released at the age of 21, he reunited with Kailey and Kailey stole the antique mirror which was then at an auction house and brought back to their home. She installed heat sensors, emergency lamps and also prepared basic necessities in order to remain survive while trying to record the presence of the supernatural phenomena emerged from the evil antique mirror. Unfortunately, lady luck was not on their side for they experienced delusions and flashbacks and were haunted by the evil spirits that were trying to kill them. In the end, Tim accidentally killed Kailey and he was captured by the officers. When Tim was sitting in the police car, he saw the spirits of his late parents as well as Kailey in their home.

Personally, I think the haunted-mirror looks very unique and to think that the mirror actually has its own mind just makes the movie more haunting. It also seems that the mirror is playing Kailey's and Tim;s minds by giving them flashbacks of their childhood as well as delusions where Kailey believed that she ate a light bulb instead of an apple. What do you think about this movie? Feel free to share your thoughts. Enjoy the teaser below. Till then, au revoir! :)

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