This Is Why Starbucks Employees Misspell Your Name Everytime!

9/11/2014 09:38:00 AM

Most of the time, when I decide to visit Starbucks and get a drink, I will practically always use nicknames, more towards general ones such as John, Adam, Paul and so forth rather than using my actual name. Why you would ask me. The reason is simple for every single time I pronounce my name, the baristas would misspell my name completely, to the extent that the name written on the cup sounds peculiar enough to be my name! Sound all too familiar to you? Well the video below provides an answer to the mystery-of-all-time. A brave barista decided to speak up and reveal the reason of their actions: they simply do it on purpose! I shall let the video below do the talking. Be ready to get MIND-BLOWN #mindblownallert !

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