Trip To Cameron Highlands

9/04/2014 11:10:00 AM

Yesterday I went to Cameron Highlands, Pahang along with a couple of my colleagues for an outstation job #literally #parttimejob. It was a two days and one night visit. I was super excited since I have not been there for about 3 years! Adding icing to the cake, it was a completely different experience to travel around with someone you are not really familiar with. We departed from Sitiawan to Ipoh and finally reached Cameron Highlands after some three hours long journey. There were almost 30 of us squeezing in five cars along the journey. Instead of using the old spiral route, we opted for the much shorter alternative. Initially we gathered at the apartment that our boss had rented before moving to locations that were assigned by the team leader such as Tanah Rata, Ringlet and the likes. Ironically, I was separated from my usual team and follow a newly hired sales executive. Eventually I met my usual team mates who were working just opposite my place at Brinchang! I was utterly amazed by the vast numbers of foreigners in Cameron Highlands, and there were massive Germans travelling to this place. While I was working, I get to know this lovely couple from Argentina who were backpackers aiming to travel around the world! As usual, the Argentinians were cautious while trying to purchase the deal that I was promoting. Nonetheless, they were friendly and I was able to interact well with them. After finishing our tasks, we headed to Restaurant Jin Jin for a huge steamboat feast, sipping hot piping tea and enjoying the delicious food while feeling the cool breeze in the surrounding. After that, we went back to our apartment and cleaned ourselves before heading out again during midnight in hope of searching some good food around the area but to no avail. All of the shops except mamak stores were closed by that time so we went back to rest after having supper! During the second day, which was today, we went to the market to purchase some local delicacies and products before heading back to Sitiawan. I was so mad at myself for I have totally forgotten to bring along my camera! As a result, not a single picture was being taken during the entire trip! I am deeply apologetic for this silly mess where I could not share my experience visually with you readers! All that I can say is that this is indeed a tiring yet amazing visit where most of us were there were lots of laughter and smiles. On that note, I am going to end this post. Till then, au revoir!

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