Son Pranks Parents After 3 Years Away From Home And Lost 20kg

8/24/2016 11:47:00 PM

Hadi Wibawa is a chemical engineering student who has been studying at the Imperial College London in London. Hailing from Medan, Indonesia, Hadi has not returned to his hometown for the last three years due to his studies. In addition, he has also shed a staggering 20kg (45 pounds) off his weight, making him barely recognisable if compared to his previous image. When the homesick feeling started to kick in after being away from home for so long, Hadi decided to go back to surprise his parents and siblings and to see if his family members are still able to recognise him with the new skinnier look.

He flew back secretly and asked one of his brothers to pick him up from the airport.  Then the elder brother arranged a family gathering at a restaurant without letting them know about Hadi's return. While four of them sat on a table together, Hadi sat on a table next to them. His mother then started looking at Hadi suspiciously and she kept telling her husband and sons that the guy really looks like Hadi but Hadi's dad immediately denied it. When his dad went out for a while, Hadi move over and hugged both his mom and elder brother and they were delighted to see him! Then he went  back to his seat to prank his dad when he returned to the table.

Hadi's dad was pretty sceptical at first but in the end he realised that the stranger who was sitting at a table beside them was Hadi all along! Overall, it was indeed a successful surprise and they had an amazing lunch together. What do you think about Hadi's epic surprise plan? Let me know in the comment box below and do enjoy the video below if you have not already watched it. Till then, au revoir!

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